Planning your walk

Planning Your Walk

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10 miles, (16.1 Kilometres)

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Probably the flattest section of the trail, but unfortunately much of it restricted because of military use. Despite being a firing range, because of it size (ten square miles) and because of the access restrictions and because it hasn't been cultivated or cropped for 50-odd years Range West ranks as one of Britain's most important wildlife sanctuaries and is protected by some of Europe's strongest designations. Much of the above can be experienced crossing Range East from Stack Rocks to Broad Haven (south). Range East is open weekends, bank holidays and most evenings after about 4.30 p.m. but best to check with times with the recorded information on 01646 662367 or visit the website. There are no stiles on either route on this section.

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It is worth finding out if the Range is completely closed in advance, because then the most appropriate route can be chosen. (Phone 01646 662367 to hear an answerphone message detailing the firing programme for the following day). They also state that 'unscheduled firing may take place without prior warning, and firing may be cancelled without notice'.

When Castlemartin Range is completely closed the route of the Coast Path is along the road. Follow the most southerly road that is not shut, onto the B4319, past the Merrion Army Camp and turn onto the very minor road through Lyserry Farm to Carew Farm then turn onto the 'white road' - this 'white road' is a public road in very poor condition. This road then joins the main road just short of Bosheston, turn due west onto the 'white road' 1/4 mile after Bosheston Church.

However from winter 2010 a permissive bridleway route, the Castlemartin Range Trail, offers an off road alternative. This route is waymarked with a tank symbol and in places crosses cattle farms. There are 31 wicket gates, the route is currently maintained by the army.

The section between Castlemartin and Warren offers panoramic views to the coast, right across the Range.

(Range West is always closed except to guided walks).

After walking to Castlemartin, turn right at the cattle pound roundabout, then right again (after about 2 miles) at the sign to Stack Rocks.

The Coast Path rejoins the Coast at Stack Rocks

Stack Rocks to St Govan's : 3 miles, (4.8 km)
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Bridleway - some way from the cliff edge, but there are informal paths along the cliff. The bridleway is partly stone track, partly asphalt road. Very slight gradients, 0 stiles or steps, 7 gates. The cliffs are mostly vertical (don’t stand on the edge) with examples of all the limestone features one could wish for. A number of Iron Age Forts guard promontories along the way.

The northern half of this section crosses two long narrow causeways and is quite hilly in between, although the hills are not very steep. 61 steps, no stiles or gates.

The southern half is prepared for wheelchairs, accessed from Home Farm. Bosherston Lilly Ponds are owned by the National Trust, as is most of the route to Freshwater East. The lilies are at their best in June. (Start finish point is the junction of the routes at Lilly Ponds Outfall).

  Walk difficulty 3Walk difficulty 3Walk difficulty 3Walk difficulty 3Walk difficulty 3Walk difficulty 3

This section is public footpath (now permissive bridleway to Broad Haven South car park, not to the beach)

Two short steep hills, 3 gates, no stiles, 30 steps on the beach access.

The limestone features continue.....

(Start finish point is the junction of the routes at Lilly Ponds Outfall).