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Gentle Walks

Notes on stile free sections of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path


The 186-mile long Pembrokeshire Coast Path is one of the family of 15 designated National Trails in England and Wales. National Trails are the premier walking routes in Britain, waymarked by the acorn symbol. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is unique in being the only National Trail managed in its entirety by a National Park Authority.

Visitors are sure of a warm welcome, in an area well used to catering for walkers of this challenging path. The path takes in the entire coastline of Pembrokeshire, most of which is inside the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, designated because it has fine examples of most of the coastal features found in Britain based on a very varied geology. 75% of the open coast is designated for its nature conservation importance as it has a rich variety of habitats with their associated flora and fauna, in particular the rare Chough and Peregrine Falcon.

The overall character of the path is rugged and challenging, traversing high, rugged cliff tops, sandy beaches and a multitude of landscapes in between. It has been described as a mountain walk at the seaside. There are frequently steep ascents from sea level to cliff top and descents back to sea level. The total ascents and descents on the path add up 35,000 feet – Everest is 33,000. Some of the gradients are steeper than 1:1.

Despite much of the path being demanding, many sections of the Coast Path are fairly level, accessible from the road and are free of stiles.

We have sought to reduce the number of stiles on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to make the path more accessible. In 1993 there were 540 stiles. By 2001 we had reduced the numbers to 419. By 2012 there were 55 stiles left to cross and the number of gates has increased from 54 to 543. We want to keep the path as a challenge but it should be the landscape which is the challenge, not man-made barriers.

Gentle walks:
Gentle walks are stile free, have access directly to road and preferably some parking, without long steep gradients. (High Cliff indicates that at least part of the section is close to the cliff edge) The routes are arranged in order from St Dogmael’s (North) towards Amroth (South). N.B. Kissing gates are harder to get past with a pushchair (buggy) than stiles. Many of these routes are available as downloadable PDF files, including maps, by linking to; Click here

• Ceibwr to Pwll y Wrach. 1km slight gradients (1.3km stile free). SN106457 – 100449 (High cliff).
• Newport Sands to Lifeboat station 3.6km (and to above Aber Rhigian add 1.5km (High cliff)). Part tidal. Total stile free 4.2km. SN053411-044398
• Cwm yr Eglwys SN 051401 to Pwllgwaelod SN 005398 1km between Fishguard Fort and Goodwick Harbour Village (about 4.8 km, of which 1km is road, most of the rest is either gentle or wheelchair). SM 962377 – 948398.
• Abermawr beach 0.43km. SM 883347 – 881344.
• Abercastle beach to Cwm Badau. SM 852336 – 850337. 0.3 km.
• Carreg Sampson (Nr Abercastle) to Pwll Llong (using gate alternative route) – Trust land 1.7km. SM 847333 - 841333
• Porthgain to Abereiddi Blue Lagoon 3km (using Porthgain public footpath to avoid pilot steps). 1 kissing gate about half way. SM 815323 – 795314 (High cliff). St Justinians towards Whitesands 2km SM724252 Caerfai towards St Nons 1km SM759243 Caerfai towards Caerbwdy 1km SM759243.
• Haroldston Chins to Broadhaven 2.7km, 1 kissing gate. SM 863163 – 861140.
• Strawberry Hill (South of Little Haven) and Goultrop 2km, 2 kissing gates. SM 851123. St Brides towards The Nab Head 1km SM 802108.
• Martins Haven towards Marloes 3km. SM 760089. (High cliff).
• Dale Airfield West 1.8km. SM 798060 – 792062.
• St Anne’s to Hayguard Hay- 3.2km includes 0.24km minor road 2 kissing gates. SM 805031 – 797049. (High cliff).
• Pickleridge, Gann (N of Dale) to Musselwick via rocky foreshore 1.6km. SM 808066 – 819066.
• Gann gate to Musselwick high tide route 1.3km. SM814069 – 819066
• St Ishmael’s to Sandy Haven. 4km. 1 kissing gate south of Sandy Haven Woods. SM 858071 - 853075
• Gelliswick to South Hook Jetty steps 0.7km (Kissing gate). SM 879055 – 874054.
• Hazel Beach to the new gas pipeline 1.7km, but 0.8 of this is after the 10 steps and steep hill at Wear Point. SM 947047 – 940043.
• Neyland Woods 0.6km. SM 966055 – 966060.
• South from Pembroke Dock 0.38 SM 965026 – 965023.
• West of Bullwell to Point House Angle to West Angle Bay. 11km. SM 898038 – 853031. This includes 0.3km of public road, 2.3km of private road to Popton, 0.82km Angle Estate private road, and 0.81km byway track to point house.
• Stack Rocks to Broad Haven South 6.5km. SR926947 - 976939
• Bosherston ponds circuit, 2.66km (not including eastern arm). SR 966948
• Broad Haven South (or extend from pond circuit) to Stackpole quay, this walk may be not so gentle as there are over 100 steps. 6.3km. SR 975939 – 990958. Continues towards Trewent – steep. (High cliff).
• Freshwater East slipway to dunes (east of Leach path) 1.2km includes 70m road. SS 016975 – SS 023981. East of Freshwater East 1km SS023983.
• West of The Dak, Manorbier to Presipe 2.4km. SS056977 – 069970. (High cliff). Skrinkle Haven, Manorbier 1km SS080975. Lydstep Head 1km SS087977.
• Giltar to Tenby via South Beach 2.9km. SS119983 – SN 131001. (High cliff).
• Crossing Cottage path Penally to South Beach car park 1.49km. 2 kissing gates at Crossing Cottage. SS120995 – SN 131001. Wiseman's Bridge SN 144059 towards Saundersfoot Harbour SN 139053, 1.5km.
• N of Wisemans bridge to Amroth 1.2km. SN150065 – 158069.

Not so gentle walks:
These walks are stile free, access directly to road and preferably some parking, but have at least one long steep gradient.
(Some of the gentle sections are included in these total kms).
• Allt y Coed towards Pencemaes. Fairly steep rough access track (250m), alternative route via Ty Canol is more level, sometimes muddy farm yard. SN136492 – 135495. 0.6km.
• Ceibwr to Pencastell (follow bridleway signs) 1km steady hill. SN 109456 - 110461. Aberfforest to Cwm yr Eglwys SN025395 - SN014400 1.4km.
• Cwm yr Eglwys to Needle rock 0.85km, (links to wheelchair path). SN 014401 – 015408.
• Pwllgwaelod towards Pen Dinas 0.58km, (links to wheelchair path). SN 004399 – 003402. Goodwick Harbour Village to Carnfathach 2km (kissing gates) SM949391 - SM937402. East from Strumble Head 0.6km SM894412.
• Pen brush to Pwllderi 2.2 km. SM 892388 – SM883401. (High cliff).
• Abermawr to Abercastle, 2 kissing gates at Pwllstrodir, 5km. SM886349 – 852336. (High cliff).
• Pwllcrochan, Trefin to Pwllcaerog, West of Abereiddi 8km. 1 Kissing gate at SM 801317. SM 832324 – 784305. (High cliff).
• Cwm Bach SM836229(Pointz Castle) to Porth Gwyn 747288, N of Whitesands – 29km. Kissing gates at: 741286; 737287; 729276; there are 7 kissing gates between St Justinians and Porthclais; 752242; 759243 and 4 more east of the Gribbon Solva. (High cliff).
• Newgale to west of Cwm Mawr, Pen y Cwm 1.2km (also access on public footpath from Pen y Cwm). 3 kissing gates. SM 847224 – 840231.
• Madoc's Haven, Nolton to Tower Point, St Brides 16km. 1 kissing gate 1km north of Broad Haven, 3 between Little Haven and Borough Head. SM 858179 - 790107
• Dale to Sandy Haven 6km. 1 kissing gate at 856070. SM 819065 – 854074. (High cliff).
• Sandy Haven to Gelliswick 3km – not gentle because of South Hook steps. SM 857072 – 885056.
• Stackpole Quay towards Trewent. 1.3km. SR 990958 – SS 000964. (High cliff).
• Skrinkle Haven to Proud Guiltar (Lydstep Beach) 2.8km, steep hill at each end, kissing gate at Lydstep Head. SS089977 – SS100985. (High cliff).
• 1 mile west of Giltar Point to Waterwynch 5.5km. (High cliff).
• Lodge Valley to Amroth Castle 8.5km, some steep hills, quite deep mud in places when wet. Follow the cycleway signs near Amroth to avoid stile and kissing gate south west of Amroth. SN 142026 - 172072.