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Trail News


19 March 2014

As a rule most of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is pretty clear of rubbish and we work with the County Council and landowners to try and keep it that way.  We know that as a walker who enjoys the beauty of the Coast Path, you will take your litter home with you. 

This year we are again asking all those who enjoy the Coast Path to go one step further.  Every time you go for a walk this year, commit yourself to pick up one piece of litter and take it back home or to a bin - if everyone did that - we have around 900,000 user days per year on the Coast Path - think what a difference it would make.

Also if you see a big concentration of litter / rubbish on or near the Coast Path, please take a photo and e-mail it with the location of the problem to and we will deal with the issue.

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