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Trail News

New National Trail Officer

07 October 2015

It sounds like a walk in the Park, but it’s a challenge taking care of one of the world’s most iconic walking trails in the
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Stepping up is Theresa Nolan, who was recently appointed as National Trail Officer for the 186-mile Pembrokeshire Coast Path National
Trail, established in 1970 and a key link in the Wales Coast Path. The post is funded by Natural Resources Wales via the Welsh Government.

Theresa Nolan
Theresa Nolan, newly appointed National Trail Officer with
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

Theresa Nolan has recently been appointed by Pembrokeshire
Coast National Park Authority as National Trail Officer for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail.

Theresa was appointed to her new post this summer, having
worked as Public Rights of Way Officer within Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority since 2002.

Theresa said: “The Path has been an incredible success story
in recent years, and is a major achievement in terms of partnership working with landowners and Authority staff who work hard to keep the Path accessible all year round.

“As the National Trail Officer for Pembrokeshire Coast Path I will be responsible for balancing the safety of the walker with the quality
of their walking experience. One of the most important parts of my job will be to carry out an annual condition survey of the entire Coast Path and be responsible for guiding the future development and management of this fantastic coastal path.

“I look forward to building on a strong foundation of
maintenance and development by the recently retired National Trail Officer of nearly 26 years, Dave MacLachlan, who saw through many changes on the Coast Path, including the removal of over 400 stiles, thereby improving ease of access for walkers.”

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